Wonder Chosen as One City One Book


Photo Courtesy of www.npr.com

“Hopefully students will learn that it is ok to be yourself,” says Mrs. McCann, BYMS’ school librarian about the book Wonder by R. J. Palacio. This book has been chosen as the One Book One City story for Yorba Linda.

The book, Wonder is about a 10 year old boy named August, or Auggie who has a facial deformity. He is trying to fit in at a new school and wants people to accept him for who he is; not because of his face.

Mrs. McCann has read and finished the book in the spring of 2014 but the students of BYMS started in September. The language arts classes will read the book and Mrs. Perez’s honors class will compete in the library competition for the book.

Mrs. McCann hopes that the students will enjoy this book as she says, “I think it has a lot of great lessons to learn and it is very moving and uplifting.”

In our school library, as in the book, there are Mr. Browne’s monthly precepts. The precepts are rules to follow for each month. In our library, it says, “BYMS Matadors choose kind,” as stated in the book.

The Yorba Linda Public Library describes the book as well, “Wonder is a novel that gives us the courage to be ourselves and to show kindness to those we perceive as different.”

“My hope is that students will think about Auggie before saying something unkind to another person,” says Mrs. McCann.