Ebola Outbreak Spreads In Africa


Doctors help treat people affected with the Ebola virus. Photo courtesy of www.nbcnews.com

“It is a highly infectious virus that can kill up to 90% of the people who catch it, causing terror among infected communities,” says Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) according to www.cnn.com. Ebola is a virus that affects multiple organs and causes bleeding. The Ebola outbreak started in West Africa last month and has killed hundreds of people.

Three Americans have been infected with Ebola and have been taken to the US for treatment. Two out of the three Americans have been given special medications to cure the virus us.wsj.com reported.

Ebola has infected approximately 3,069 people in Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Lione, and Nigeria. One thousand five hundred fifty two people have died from Ebola in Africa www.washingtonpost.com reported.

This outbreak has been feared in the US and Africa. Doctors have been busy making cures for the disease. Scientists in Canada have a successful treatment of Ebola in monkeys. The antibiotics for the US patients have worked on the two who have received the treatment. The third patient is being sent to the US for their treatment as well www.healthmap.org. Without any antibotics or cures, Ebola will still continue to harm the Western African countries.