Matador Messenger Staff Honored by PYLUSD School Board

Reporters and editors are introduced and honored at PYLUSD school board meeting.




The staff of the Matador Messenger were honored by the PYLUSD School Board on May 7 for being “First in the District, First in the County,” and reaching the milestone of publishing over 500 articles this year.

Staff members were each recognized with certificates and congratulated by each board member and Superintendent Domene for their dedication in producing an online newspaper published daily and read  internationally on topics ranging from campus events to current events in world affairs, medicine, science, technology, sports, entertainment, the environment, and politics.

The Matador Messenger is the first online school newspaper using the SNO format in PYLUSD and the first middle school in the county to have this distinction.

Congratulations, editors and reporters! For those promoting to high school, I wish you the best in all of your endeavors and I hope that you use the skills you have learned in this class in the future. As your adviser I have pushed you hard to be your very best.

It is not easy to produce a quality product. Researching, interviewing,  writing, editing, revising, and publishing takes time, talent, and perseverance.  I want to thank you for your dedication in producing something truly amazing.

For those reporters and editors who will be returning next year, I look forward to continuing a fine tradition with your leadership. I challenge you to prepare this summer for a great start next fall. Enjoy your summer and keep me posted on your future adventures !

Christine Perez

Matador Messenger Adviser