Nicole Quintero: Turning Her Dream into a Reality

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“I was only thirteen years old when I became a model,” said Nicole Quintero, an L.A model. Nicole always had a passion for art and fashion and decided to pursue them both as a career by becoming a model.

Nicole Quintero likes how modeling acts as a building block of self-confidence for who she really is. Modeling makes her feel comfortable with her figure, diet and exercise. “Exercising in the gym serves as an escape and gives me a rush of relief and energy during the day,” said Nicole.

Nicole has not worked with any well-known models but has been photographed by some of the top photographers. Recently in May, Nicole was signed up with Chic Models, a Commercial Talent Agency and International Modeling Agency in Bangkok, Thailand. Nicole is getting the opportunity to be photographed and recognized in other Asian countries as well.

“I look forward to continuing my career and slowly work my way up to my ultimate dream of becoming a Victoria’s Secret Model,” said Nicole.