Drought in Southern California Increases Beach Water Purity


Photo Courtesy of: www.ocregister.com


“Less rainfall means less runoff, less pollutants and bacteria going into beaches causing bacteria levels to rise,” said report author Amanda Griesbach, a water-quality scientist with Heal the Bay. “Typically, you see higher grades in periods of drought and extreme dry weather.” The OC Register and other sources have said that the drought that is affecting Southern California has increased the purity in water at our local beaches.


Heal the Bay gives grades to all beaches in California and for Orange County, 99% percent of beaches received an A or B rating www.ocregister.com reported. The rating percentage has improved by 6% in one year due to the drought that is occurring. Heal the Bay is a non profitable organization that is working to restore the Santa Monica Bay area. This organization also grades local beaches based on their bacteria levels. Over the year, 99% of the beaches in Southern California received an A or B grade from Heal the Bay.


Reports from Heal the Bay have shown that because of no rainfall, no runoff water with bacteria and pollutants have contaminated the beaches in Southern California www.latimes.com stated. Because of the drought, the beaches are now cleaner and have less bacteria in the water.