Canada’s Exploding Whale Problem Washes Ashore

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“Normally we advertise whales to get people to come, where the restaurant is right on the beach and we often have whales in the cove frolicking about, but we don’t want a dead whale as an attraction,” Jenny Parsons, who owns the Seaside Restaurant in Trout River, reported CBC News.

Two blue whales have washed up on the shores of Trout River and Rocky Harbour. The fear is that as the methane gas inside the whale will eventually cause the decomposing animal to explode.

“I’m not sure with the heat and gases that are trapped inside of this mammal if at some point in time it will explode,” Emily Butler, Trout River’s town clerk, said in an interview  in The Star.

The Canadian government has left it up to local authorities for the removal of the 60-ton carcass  of the massive creature, according to CNN.