Wild Fires Menace Southern California


Photo Courtesy of utsandiego.com

“Let’s hope for a calm day,” said County Supervisor Dianne Jacob, who marveled at the outbreak that saw San Diego go from one wildfire to nine in a matter of minutes, destroying over 9’000 acres, according to CNN.

Nine wildfires were raging in the Southern California San Diego area, burning more than 14 square miles, on Wednesday May 14th, evacuating thousands of residents and students from their homes and schools, according to Reuters and the Associated Press.

“It’s been a pretty amazing day,” Jacob said, according to CNN. “Everyone needs to be on high alert.”

Temperatures cooled over night and the winds calmed allowing additional water tankers, helicopters and 2nd scene firefighters to join the action, according to Yahoo.

“The fire was right above the campus. I could see it reaching over the hill, this really dark smoke. It was almost like an explosion,” Grant Rapoza, a 19 year old student attending a California State University, said according to Reuters.

California Governor Jerry Brown has declared a state of emergency to free up all resources, Reuters reported.

The region is bone dry after months of little or no rainfall and with the temperatures spiking up it is no surprise wild fires broke out, Jacob reported to Reuters. Wildfire season typically peaks over the summer and into the fall. “The common theme statewide this year is unprecedented number of fires and fire activity across the state, in many cases two to three months earlier than normal,” Ken Pimlott, director of the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, told CNN.