Coldplay’s New Album “Ghost Stories” Inspired by Split with Paltrow

The album artwork was designed by award-winning artist Mila Furstova reflecting the theme of “magic.” Source: CB Creative

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The British rock group, Coldplay, will release their sixth album, Ghost Stories, in the middle of May. Before announcing the launch of this album, Coldplay streamed their second track, “Magic” a steady romantic song, according to

Frontman Chris Martin announced his split with Gwyneth Paltrow and explained the album was based on the  demise of their relationship. “I think everyone in their life goes through challenges, whether it’s love, money, kids, or illness,” Martin explained to BBC Radio 1 during an interview, according to

Recent tweets from a group of young adults explain that the singer, Chris Martin, hid his handwritten lyrics in libraries in nine different countries. The lyrics are sealed into envelopes and slipped in between ghost story books, according to

Out of the entire nine envelopes one contains the “Golden Ticket,” which grants a free trip to England to see Coldplay perform in London, singing their new album. Coldplay will be posting clues on Twitter with the hash tag #lyrichunt.