John Janetzko: Struggling with Body Image



“I would always be sort of afraid of how I thought people would think of me,” John Janetzko told John lost 125 pounds, yet still felt fat.

“I feel more generically attractive in terms of what society’s views are,” Janetzko stated. As a child he was constantly being told that he was overweight by doctors but his father thought otherwise, according to When John started college he began to gain weight and he weighed over 250 pounds by junior year in college. He started his weight loss journey when he lived at home in Toronto during college.

Before this he always had take out meals, but now he is eating leaner foods. Janetzko also started working out at the gym. During Senor year, while he was applying for graduate school, his father became ill; during this time he started to slip up and forgot about going to the gym. He also had a break up with his girlfriend which caused him to turn to comfort food. By the time Janetzko entered Harvard he weighed about 250 pounds, according to

“I feel oddly more aware of everything,” John explained. Janetsko has lost over 120 pounds since he started his diet. He notices little things about himself like the thin layer of stomach fat he has. He is always on top of himself sticking to his diet and continuing to go to the gym. John claims that everyone he meets that has a major weight loss, like his own, has body insecurities that he has. He says that he still doesn’t see a thin person when he looks in the mirror even though he is 166 pounds at just under six feet tall, according to

John currently has a Ph.D. in chemistry and chemical Biology. He was born and raised in Toronto but moved to Cambridge. He has started playing volleyball, swimming, and long distance running. He also loves to take photos, according to winthrophouse.