Mike Trout Extends Contract with Angels

Photo Courtesy of cbssports.com

Photo Courtesy of cbssports.com

The twenty-two year old out fielder for the Angels formalized his new six- year contract worth $144.5 million, committing to the Angles through 2020, according to espn.go.

“I love it here,” said Trout, who makes $1 million this season. “I think it’s the best opportunity for me to be here, and over the next seven years, it’s going to be a big jump in my life.

”He also receives a full no-trade provision and the right to a luxury suite at Angel Stadium for 20 games per year starting in 2015. Trout is the first player with less than three years of service time to sign a deal worth more than $20 million annually, but nothing about Trout has much precedent, according to espn.la,

The two-time AL All-Star finished second to Detroit’s Miguel Cabrera inthe MVP voting in each of the past two seasons while putting up impressive offensive numbers and playing above-average defense. He is batting .314 with 62 homers and 196 RBIs in just 336 career games, reported cbssports.

Trout set himself to hit free agency at 29 where he can get another megadeal, if he doesn’t signs another contract before. Trout signed a 1 year deal worth $1 million this year, so the six year contract will begin next year, according to cbssports.

Trout’s father, Jeff, was involved in negotiations along with his agent, Craig Landis, since shortly after Thanksgiving. While Landis realizes the deal will be criticized by other agents who believe Trout should have milked every dollar out of his unique talent, Trout wasn’t interested.

“I’m relieved, man,” Trout said. “I’m going to play loose, and it’s going to be fun. I think I play loose anyway, so I think it won’t affect me. I’m just going to play like I’ve been playing, and it won’t change,” reported espn.go.