No-Refrigeration Nasal Spray Vaccines Could Stop Diseases in Remote Regions

A new single dose, nasal spray vaccine that doesn’t need to be refrigerated could dramatically change the public health landscape and get more people vaccinated to cease reappearing diseases in mostly unpopulated areas, reported.

Many disease-prone people in poor areas receive vaccines that need to be refrigerated, but they may not have access to a freezer to preserve their medicine. These new nasal spray vaccines don’t require refrigeration,

“Our nanovaccines can be stored at room temperature for as long as six to ten months and still work,” Iowa State University chemical engineering professor Balaji Narasimhan said in a press release.

Since vaccines also usually come with needles, people possibly couldn’t vaccinate themselves. With the nasal spray vaccine, more people could vaccinate themselves without pain or difficulty, reported.

“…We’re designing them so they get delivered in one dose through a nasal spray, which could potentially allow patients to give the vaccine to themselves,” Narasimhan explained.

“Our nanovaccine approach could be instrumental for containing future outbreaks of recently emerged and re-emerging diseases, such as SARS, new flu strains and multi-drug resistant tuberculosis,” Narasimhan said via