2014 Spring Must Haves: Crop Tops, Tribal Looks, and Pastels


Photo courtesy of loveitgrabitwearit.blogspot.com

Time to push the sweaters, boots, and jackets to the back of the closet. Spring is here and with its arrival are some new fashion ” must haves.”  Here are some ways make these  2014 spring trends work for you.

1)      Crop Tops

New York’s fashion show has finished showing us that the casual crop top is still here to stay, according to http://www.elle.com.

2) The Tribal Look

Add some Tribal into your look this spring, according to http://www.elle.com.

3) Day Dress

A dress for you to wear casual is perfect for spring weather, according tohttp://www.usatoday.com.

4) Tropical Prints

Jazz your wardrobe up with Island prints that will make your feel warmer this spring, according to   http://www.teenvogue.com/.

5) Bathing suits

It’s finally spring which means those sunny days where you play in the pool are back,  but before you do that you might want to buy a new bathing suit first.  Luckily some new lines have come out for this years spring/summer.  They are Nasty Gel, ModCloth, Zinke, Beach Riot, RVCA, CA by Vitamin A, and Blue life, according to http://www.teenvogue.com/.

6) Pastels

Lastly its spring which means pastel, light, bright, girly colors, are trending.