Measles Outbreak in the US



“A growing number of parents worldwide are choosing not to vaccinate at all, and it is not because they can’t get the single jabs, it is because they don’t see vaccination as playing any kind of role in promoting the health of their children.”Magda Taylor, Director of The Informed Parent, from stated. However vaccinations for the measles are more important than you might think


Measles is a highly contagious disease caused by a virus. 90 percent of the people around someone who has measles will catch it. The symptoms are a fever, a cough, runny a nose, red eyes, and rash of tiny red dots. The rash starts at the head and makes its way down the body. It is a serious disease for children which could lead to pneumonia, encephalitis, and sometimes death. Measles isn’t very common in the US at the moment but when people travel to foreign countries it tends to spread. Most US citizens do have the vaccine that prevents measles, according to


New York health officials have confirmed 20 cases of Measles. The outbreak is currently in the Northern Manhattan area but could spread as people travel. The health officials have issued a Measles advisory. The doctors’ office has transmitted at least two cases of the Measles. New York-Presbyterian Hospital alerted staff that there could be hundreds of cases of the Measles. The Department of Health is working with New York City hospitals to prevent measles, according to


More people have been diagnosed with measles in the US during the first four months during the year than have been diagnosed during the last 18 years. There have been 13 outbreaks and 129 cases. California is reporting the highest numbers with 58 cases in the last four months, according to