Teen Stowaway Survives 5 Hour Flight in Jet’s Landing Gear

A dazed 16 year old teenager was found in Maui after flying for over five hours in the wheel well of a Boeing 767, reported CNN.


The teen was released into state child-services after being inspected by doctors, but experts are puzzled. They are surprised by the fact that he survived the 5 and-a-half hour trip at 38,000 feet with a major lack of oxygen, according towww.independent.co.uk.


The boy was claimed to have boarded the plane at San Jose, a city south of San Francisco. The FBI analyzed footage of the boy walking across the tarmac at San Jose International Airport, according to www.independent.co.uk. “The boy later claimed that he had run away after a family argument and hopped [over] the fence at the San Jose airport to reach the plane but had no recollection of the flight itself,” stated Special Agent Tom Simon.


Medical experts stated that in order to survive temperatures of -81F, a person would have to be in a hibernation-like state with the heart beating one a couple times a minute, reported www.dailymail.co.uk. Close to one hundred people have tried to hide the wheel wells of planes, but this runaway was just one of 25 people to survive such a journey since 1947, according to NBC News.