Bus Crash Highlights Safety Issues in California


Photo courtesy to www.nbcnews.com

“All of the sudden I could hear people screaming; I woke up and then came the impact,” Jonathon Gutierrez stated, a highschooler on his way top Humboldt State University who was in a bus crash Thursday along with many other students, reported MSN.

A fed ex driver collided into the bus head-on on interstate 5 in Orland, California,  reported MSN.  Ten people were killed in the accident, according to USAToday. The bus passengers were high school seniors on their way to visit the campus of Humboldt State University in Arcata, Calif.

As for school bus safety, most school buses in the United States do not  have seat belts or similar restraints to protect children in an accident, according to msnnews. The National Safety Council says school buses are about 40 times safer than the family car, but that does not mean accidents will not happen.

About 440,000 public school buses carry 24 million children roughly 4.3 billion miles a year, but only about six children die each year in bus accidents reported the National Safety Council.

Studies by the NHTSA and the University of Alabama concluded that installing seat belts would add anywhere from $8,000 to $15,000 to the cost of a new bus while having little to no impact on safety, reported msn.news.