Promotion Rules and Dress Code



Dress Code – Promotion Ceremony

  • Dress for the Promotion Ceremony is dressy casual
  • Students must adhere to our Student Dress and Grooming Policy
  • Code of Conduct Parent Handbook can be found on the school website,, and in the Bernardo Planner

Dress Restrictions – Promotion Ceremony


  • No backless, sheer or strapless dresses (dresses/tops must have at least one inch straps)
  • No Garments shorter than mid-thigh
  • No floor length dresses/skirts (safety issue)
  • No Garments that are too revealing (e.g. low-cut necklines, sheer garments, midriff tops, backless tops, etc.)
  • No hats without BYMS logo
  • Open toe shoes are permitted, but they must have a back strap; Flats or wedges re preferred since students will be walking on grass


  • No tank tops
  • No Undershirts
  • No Tuxedoes
  • No hats without BYMS logo

Parking Information – Promotion Ceremony

  • Carpool if possible
  • Allow enough time to park and walk to the bleachers
  • Remember not to block other cars, gates, driveways, and entrances
  • Know that the Calvary Chapel parking lot is off limits (They have day school in session and need the area for small children)
  • Know that the basketball courts will be open for parking; Handicap parking will be posted
  • Seating at the ceremony will be limited; Please: limit the number of guests, follow the instructions of the supervisors, and be understanding (it is usually hot and crowded)
  • Please be considerate to not seat yourself within the handicapped areas that are reserved for the elderly

General Information

  • Transportation in a limousine is inappropriate for this age level; Limousines will not be allowed to enter the parking lot
  • Pictured school identification card is required for entrance to the promotion party
  • Appropriate behavior is mandatory; the Bernardo Yorba Code of Conduct will be enforced

Promotion Party

  • The 8th grade Promotion Party will be held at Bernardo Yorba Middle School on Friday, June 6th, 2014 from 6:00pm to 9:00pm.
  • The P.T.A. parents are planning a memorable evening of fun, activities and entertainment
  • The Promotion Party this year is  a Beach Theme
  • Students must follow the dress code rules at the Promotion Party