Spring Nail Art

Photo courtesy of tumbler

Photo courtesy of tumbler

Spring is here and here are some nail art designs you can try for this season.


What you will need.

-detail brush

-yellow nail polish

-white nail polish

-top coat

-base coat

-dotting tool or bobby pin

-sky blue, greenish-blue, light, or a light green nail polish

1) Start off with a clear base coat (don’t use a top coat for this step)

2) Then paint on either a sky blue, greenish-blue, light, or a light green. (this color will be your back round so make sure its not to distracting)

3) After that put a dot of yellow (use a dotting tool or a bobby pin make sure dot isn’t to small)

4) Next you will take you white striper, white nail art pen, or detail brush and draw your petals as a straight short line. (This will be easier with a detail brush out of the three.)

5) Optional take your dotting tool, bobby pin, or tooth pick and make small white

Poke-dots where you think are needed.

6) Let dry and put on top coat.

Nail Art design from: YouTube channel Creativenailart

*Spring Flowers

What you will need.

-doting tool or bobby pin

-base coat

-top coat

-light purple nail polish

-dark purple nail polish

-white nail polish

1) Start with base coat

2) Use light purple nail polish and dotting tool or bobby pin and make 5 dots in a circle leave some space between them.

3) Do the same thing with the dark purple

4) Take your white and make a dot in the middle of your circle

5) Add a curved line of white poka-dots

6) Put on top coat and let dry

Nail Art design from: YouTube channel Leila Ramos Nails