Malaysian Arlines Flight 370: “All Lives Are Lost”


“I need closure to be certain, but cannot keep on with public efforts against all odds,” Sarah Bajc, the only relative of the only American onboard the Malaysian Airlines Flight 370, reported to CNN. “I still feel his presence, so perhaps it was his soul all along.”

Latest Reports from the Malaysian Government shows that the missing flight has crashed in the Southern Indian Ocean, according to CNN.

A relative of the missing passenger briefed by the airlines in Beijing said, according to Google News, “The government has told us that all lives are lost.”

While investigators officials have yet to even find a piece of the plane, the Malaysian Prime Minister based his announcement based on unprecedented analysis of satellite data based by British satellite provider Inmarsat and the British Air Investigation Branch. He didn’t describe the nature of the analysis. But the Prime Minister said the data was drawn from satellite pings the plane set out before its transponder was shut down and was then remote in the southern Indian Ocean, “far from any potential landing sights.” He begged the reporters to respect the privacy of the relatives, according to Google News.

“For them, the past few weeks have been heartbreaking,” the Malaysian Prime Minister said in his most recent public address, according to CNN. “I know this news must be harder to take still. I deeply regret to inform you Flight MH370 has been lost in the southern Indian Ocean and that there are no survivors.”

There have been reports made by Australian satellite that there have been 2 objects found off the coast of Australia. But so far no link has been made to the lost Malaysian Flight 370, according to Google News.