Los Angeles Bans E-Cigarettes in Public Areas

Photo courtesy of www.guardianlv.com

Photo courtesy of www.guardianlv.com

On March 3, 2014, lawmakers in Los Angeles voted to ban e-cigarettes from public areas where tobacco cigarettes are prohibited, which includes restaurants, workplaces, and bars, reported www.new.yahoo.com.

The reason for the ban of smoking e-cigarettes, also known as “vaping,” was that L.A.’s city council didn’t want anybody, especially non-smokers, to take notice of the new cigarette alternatives and start using them, www.time.com informed. “I will not support anything that might attract one new smoker,” City Council President Herb Wesson said.

Many people have been attracted to the e-cigarette because they think that it is safer and healthier than smoking tobacco. But scientists say that it may be dangerous for people to get hooked to the electronic, flavored devices. “Although hey are less harmful than traditional cigarettes, some e-cigarettes contain some health risks,” said Dr. Jonathan Fielding, L.A. County’s public health director via www.businessinsider.com.

Los Angeles is not the first city to ban these addictive e-cigarettes. New York and Chicago also voted to restrict e-cigarettes from being used, www.time.comstated. However, there will still be vaping lounges where smoking electronic cigarettes are allowed, www.losangeles.cbslocal.com.