Borderlands 2 Game Review

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Borderlands 2 is a First Person Shooter video game that takes place on a planet called Pandora in a futuristic time setting.  Borderlands 2 is made by Gearbox according to International Business Times.

In Borderlands 2 you are a vault hunter looking for an alien vault with a huge amount of loot.  While you are on the train to get to your destination it ends up being a trap that Handsome Jack set up.  Handsome Jack is the President of Hyperion Company and is your rival in trying to get to the vault, and is the main villain as he tries to kill you constantly. When the game starts you wake up in the remains of the train, and are introduced to your new friend and companion Claptrap.  Claptrap is a robot that is funny, but can be annoying.  After that meeting Claptrap and you try to make your way to Stationary the town for the rebels of Pandora who are trying to bring an end to Handsome Jack’s rain.  Most of the main characters in Borderlands 2 are from the first game.

The characters you can chose to play the game as are the Zero (Sniper), Salvador (Gunzerker), Maya (Siren), and Axton (Commando).  There are two other characters that you have to buy as a DLC (downloadable content), Mechromancer and Psycho.  Each character also has its own special ability that separates them form the rest.  The Siren Maya class has the power to levitate enemies in the air.  The Sniper Zero class has the power to make a copy of him and turn invisible in order to distract an enemy.  Gunzerker Salvador class can duel wield any gun.  Commando Axton class can throw out a turret.  The Mechromancer Gage can spawn a robot called death trap to kill other enemies (my personal favorite).  The Psycho Krieg who can throw axes at enemies.

While playing the game you meet a verity of characters from a little robot to the worlds most deadly 13 teen year old Tiny Tina.

Borderlands 2 can also be played with friends.  There isn’t any special co-op mode, but you can play side quest and main story line with friends or people online.

Borderlands 2 also have released a bunch of DLC.  These DLC are Tinny Tina’s Assault on Dragons Keep, Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt, Captain Scarlet and her Pirate Booty, and Torgue.  There are also little DLC that come out during holidays.

To conclude this review I like to put my personal opinion in.  This game has won the top spot on my top games.  This game is funny and is really fun to play.  If you enjoy futuristic first shooters you will enjoy this game.  My final score for this game is 8/10.