If Parents Ever Smoked Teens Are Likely To


source: npr.org

Teens of parents who smoked are more likely to, even if the parents of the teen quit before the birth, and Teens with an older sibling who smokes are more likely to smoke, according to drugfree.com.

Vuolo and co-author Jeremy Staff, an associate professor of sociology at Pennsylvania State University, analyzed data from a multigenerational study that has followed participants since 1988, when they were freshmen in high school, to 2011. They focused on 214 now-parents and 314 of their children aged 11 and older,according to healthusnews.com.


The researchers found in homes with a parent who was a persistent heavy smoker, the oldest sibling was influenced to smoke, which increased the odds that young siblings would also smoke by six times, HealthDayreports.com.


Annual surveys discovered four different patterns: teens that are constant heavy smokers, teens who were light smokers who quit or reduced use, teens who started smoking later and nonsmokers, according to healthusnews.com.


“Surprisingly, we found similar odds of smoking among the children for the three smoking groups [23 percent to 29 percent] compared with children of nonsmokers [8 percent],” Vuolo said.

“We should educate young people that smoking at any time in their lives could have influences on their children. Also, preventative efforts should target heavy-smoking households, trying to break the cycle of influence on the oldest siblings,” Vuolo said