Boost Immunity with New Habits

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Feeling sluggish? Experiencing colds? Here are 5 ways to boost your immunity system. An immunity system is a network system that keeps you healthy, according to

1. Eat Healthy food

Eating healthy food will help boost your immunity system.  Try to eat five cups of fruits and vegetables every day.  You should also eat lean meat.  The protein in the meat can help fight against bacteria, virus, and other germs, according to


2. Get Rid of Stress

Stress is not good for your immunity system.  So if there is any way for you to get ride of your do it, according to  Some ways to get rid of stress are meditation, breathing deeply, and take a break sometimes, according to


3. Get Sleep

Not getting enough sleep can cause you to lower your T-cell count (a lymphocyte of a type produced or processed by the thymus gland and actively participating in the immune response.)  Your T-cell will help your immune system fight pathogens, according to


4. Laughing and Singing

Research says that laughing activates you T-cells and increases anti-body protection.  Singing boosts your immunity, according to


5. Exercise

Exercise doesn’t just help you get fit.  It can also decrease the risk of getting diseases such as osteoporosis cancer.  Just walking for 20 minutes can help your body, according to