Valentine’s Day Cards for Kids


Valentine’s Day cards can be expensive when bought in stores, but by making your own using household supplies, you can make DIY Valentine’s Day cards for your class or for friends and families.

Hearts Aglow- A unique twist on candy cards is glow cards! You can make a cupids arrow using glow sticks stated.


-Hole puncher

-Card stock or construction paper

-skinny glow-stick



-Punch two holes in a folded piece of construction paper and insert the glow stick. Decorate the glow stick with hearts on the tips of the sticks.


Sweet Spot Hearts- Candy dot sheets can be easily cut into hearts and display a cute valentine said.


-Candy dot sheet

-Construction paper


-Glue stick


-Cut the candy dot sheets to make a heart. Glue to a piece of construction paper bigger than the sheet itself.


Crayon Cards- Melted crayon art is easy and a quick art project on boring days. Crayon art cards


-Assortment of Crayons


-Decorations (markers, crayons, etc.)

-Heart shaped mold


-Place crayons in heart mold and melt in the oven until fully liquid.

-Cool your creation in the fridge and glue it to cardstock

-Decorate your cardstock and you are finished.


By creating these DIY valentines, you are adding a person touch and a unique valentine for your friends and your fellow classmates. Happy Valentine’s Day!