Teen Creates Possible Cure for Cancer

Teen Creates Possible Cure for Cancer

Source: businessinsider.com

Recent high school graduate Angela Zhang has discovered a possible cure for cancer according to businessinsider.com.

“At the heart of my nanosystem is drug delivery capabilities,” Zhang stated. Angela is researching a nanoparticle system. This system uses a Swiss army knife to target tumors, monitoring responses to treatment, and eradicating cancer cells. She is trying to make her cure personalized to improve the effectiveness on patients according to businessinsider.com.

Angela began her research during her freshman year of high school. During her sophomore year she started her lab research at Stanford. She began researching by herself during her junior year in high school. Angela tested the nanoparticle system on mice and their cancer cells almost completely were gone by the end of their treatment. It could be years before it will be known if this treatment will work on humans according to businessinsider.com.

“At first it was a little bit overwhelming but I found that it almost became like a puzzle, being able to decode something,” Angela stated according to dailymail.co.uk.

Zhang’s idea was to put polymer that attaches to nanoparticles into cancer medicine. Cancer cells would then appear on an MRI which would show doctors exactly where the cancer cells were. Then an infrared light melts the polymer which causes it to release the cancer medicine. Other cells in your body wouldn’t be harmed by this, according to dailymail.co.uk.