Valentine’s Day Kid-Friendly Drinks

Valentine’s Day is a day of love and fun, festive foods. But there are not too many kid friendly non-alcoholic drinks around this holiday. These easy and safe drinks for kids can bring kids into the spirit.


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Strawberry Fizz– This fizzy beverage makes 4 servings in fewer than 10 stated.


-2 cups of fresh or thawed frozen strawberries

-2 cups of vanilla frozen yogurt

-Pinch of ginger

-1 tbsp of grenadine syrup

-Ginger ale



-In a blender, whirl the berries, yogurt, and ginger together, and then add grenadine.

-Pour the beverage into four tall glasses and fill each to the brim with ginger ale.



Valentine’s Day Punch– This incredibly easy punch drinks takes about 1-2 said. This drink contains soda but you can easily switch that out for ginger ale like the Strawberry Fizz.

-1 large jar of maraschino cherries and cherry juice

-3 liters of Fresca or another non-soda beverage

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-Pour all of the ingredients in to a large bunch bowl and you are done!


Cupid’s Delight Float– An alternative for sugary sweets and drinks this Valentine’s Day is the Cupid’s Delight Float. posted an ice cream float that is perfect for this day.


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-Cherry flavored soda or diet cherry 7-up

-Vanilla Ice Cream

-Whipped toppings such as Reddi-Wip

-Maraschino Cherries



-In one tall glass, scoop a few spoonfuls of vanilla ice cream. Pour cherry soda in the glass until it is filled to their desired amount

-Decorate the top of the glass with whipped cream and serve with cherries on top!


These delicious and easy beverages can make a fun after school treat or a Valentine’s Day drink. The dessert beverage and the drinks can be made in less than 10 minutes and are made from inexpensive ingredients that we all know and love. Happy Valentine’s Day!