Rock Musician Mason McMiller : “You Don’t See with Your Eyes; You Process with Your Mind.”

“It’s more about making it beautiful than perfect when playing music,” said Mason Mcmiller, a student that makes music and attends Bernardo Yorba Middle School.

Mason Mcmiller’s inspiration to create music started as his sister mentioned a band called Nirvana. She mentioned this band when they were going to Seattle, Washington because Nirvana originated from there. Mason was motivated to listen to music, and write music for others to love and relate with.

“You don’t see with your eyes, you process with your mind,” said Mason who writes rock music. Mason and his friend Tomas jokingly made up a unique genre called garbage rock .Mason keeps a writing journal, and when lyrics or rhythms come to him he writes it down.

Mason plays drums, guitar and a little bit of bass guitar. During the process of playing music Mason intends to relax and have fun with what he does. His favorite bands are Nirvana, Paramore, My Chemical Romance, Green Day and Foo Fighters.

“I see a salty message written in the East,” said Mason who looks forward to creating more music during his free time this year.