House of Hades: Fans Find It “Flawless… Filled with Adventure”

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The House of Hades from author Rick Riordan was finally released on October 8th. The entire fandom restlessly bottled their impatience for a year, tumbling into Tartarus with everyone’s OTP, Percabeth.

The House of Hades describes the adventures of remaining crew aboard the Argo 2, featuring a comeback for Grover the satyr, our oracle Rachel Elizabeth Dare, Calypso, Reyna the praetor, and Octavian the wild card of an auger. The fragmented seven encounter various perils from both spheres of the Greek and Roman world on a quest to venture to the Doors of Death in Epirus.

Various members of the fandom have already read the novel. Feedback from some includes the following:

“…flawless, potent character development to last the entire novel. In my opinion, development in a story can vividly paint characters with extreme realism. Special interest was taken to Jason Grace, who resigned as praetor for Frank Zhang, who pulled ranks to praetor with new strengths. A “mist-ically” talented Hazel Levesque was introduced along with a new frighteningly dark aspect for Percy Jackson, along with Nico di Angelo who sustains his surly, lonely nature. Even Annabeth, Piper, and Leo, who have already developed so much throughout the series have managed to astonish me with newfound talents and characteristics. Aside the monstrous, clever plot twists and the sophisticated writing styles, Rick Riordan had captured our attention with his development and refurbishing with our favorite characters. ‘The House of Hades’ has left us to anticipate the final battle to come in The Blood of Olympus,” described Megan Scull, who runs a popular blog for the fandom @percyharrykatniss on Instagram.

“… filled with adventure. As the five remaining demigods race to the House of Hades in Greece to rescue their friends, they face many obstacles. The book is filled with laughs, fun, and an exciting adventure,” wrote Tammy Vo.

“… an amazing book with action and adventure. It’s very enjoyable and epic. House of hades is the best book ever,” responded Maham Memon, a Bernardo Yorba Middle School seventh grade student.

“… a great book that incorporates action and sass- Rick Riordan you’ve done it again!” comments @mmsampey on Instagram.