Teen Film Makers to Compete at Yorba Linda Library

Photo courtesy of ylpl.com

Photo courtesy of ylpl.com

The Yorba Linda Library is hosting a teen film festival offered to those in the grades of 7-12th, according to the Yorba Linda Library teen pages.

The final entry date is Saturday February 15, 2014 at 5:00pm.  The selected videos will be shown at the film festival in March 14, 2014 at 6:30pm Richard Nixon Library; according to the Julie Zeoli a librarian from the Yorba Linda Library.

The prizes awarded to winners are film related merchandise, movie tickets, and a $50 gift card for the film that is awarded “People’s Choice Award;” according to Julie Zeoli a librarian from the Yorba Linda Library.

Bernardo Student Lindsay Ito submitted a film into the film festival.  Her film is called “No Longer Free: Japanese American Interment During WWII,” a documentary about the Japanese American Interment camps in WWII. “The information I got for the documentary was from my grandpa and another Japanese American internee plus other sites and books,” said Lindsay Ito.  Her film is chosen to be shown at the Richard Nixon Library March 14, 2014.   The list of winners is on the website under teen pages.

The rules and guidelines of participation; the movie must be directed by and edited by teens of grades of 7-12.  Movies can be up to 12min long.  Must be G or PG rated in subject matter and language if not they will be disqualified.  All editing must be done before submitting the film.  For more information check The Yorba Linda Library teen pages website. (http://www.ylpl.lib.ca.us/ya/mod.php?mod=userpage&page_id=29