Man Gets Trapped on Airplane During Layover

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In the middle of a layover in Houston, Tom Wagner, a Louisiana native, woke up from a nap and found him trapped in a cold, dark United Airlines jet cabin by himself on Friday, December 6, ABC News reported.

He was on a connecting flight from Lafayette to Houston, and then California. “I woke up and the lights were out. I was like, what’s going on?” Wagner said to ABC station KTRK-TV. He thought that everybody, including the crew, had not noticed that he was still asleep and locked him inside, Yahoo News informed.

According to USA Today, Tom still had his cell phone, and he immediately called his girlfriend and told her what happened. Wagner said to KTRK, “She thought I was crazy. I said ‘Debbie, I’m locked on the plane. I’m telling the truth; you better go somewhere and get me off this plane.”

Wagner’s girlfriend then called United Airlines and sent the crew to get him. After more than 30 minutes, the crew arrived to the plane and took Wagner off. The airline said they didn’t know how they missed Tom even after they performed a routine post-flight walk through, reported ABC News.

“An ExpressJet passenger remained on board flight 4245, operating as United Express from Lafayette, La. to Houston on Friday, Dec. 6. after all the passengers had had deplaned. ExpressJet is investigating to determine how this occurred. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this caused fro the passenger,” ExpressJet, a feeder airline for United Express, said in statement on Saturday, December 7.

Tom Wagner missed his connecting flight to California, but he was given a motel room to stay in for the night and a $250 voucher for future flights, stated He was not, however, refunded his plane ticket.