Ask Maddie and Monica: A Gnostic Theist

Dear Maddie and Monica,

I am a different religion than my immediate family. I am a gnostic theist, which is a person that believes in a God but not necessarily knows here is a God. How should I tell my parents? Is it even a good idea to tell them?

– A Gnostic Theist

P.S. I come from a Christian family


Dear Gnostic Theist,

There is nothing wrong in being a Gnostic Theist. Everyone has different religions and different ways of thinking. If you believe in a God but don’t necessarily know if there is one, that is your way of thinking. You are your own person and should not allow others to change your mind. You should also tell your family as soon as you can. Most parents do not have a problem with their children having different religions. You can tell them why you are a Gnostic Theist and support it with details. Hopefully it all works out. Good luck!


-Maddie and Monica