New Elective Samples Food and Culture

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A new elective for seventh graders during sixth period “World Cultures”“ according to BYMS Spanish instructor, Imelda Gaitan, was created “To understand and appreciate the cultures of the people.”

Mrs. Gaitan will be teaching this class to teach the  cultures of the Spanish countries in the world and define all the labels of Spanish, Hispanics, Latinos, Mexicans, Mexican Americans, and Chicano.

This class has new exciting activities they will be doing this year like music, dancing, art, cooking food, watching films, and projects, according to Mrs. Gaitan. They will be having discussions about language, religion, food, and celebrations.

“One cool thing about this,” said Mrs. Gaitan is work and projects will be done in class only, no homework! But if it’s not done in class you will not get your points.

“The class is interesting and Mrs. Gaitan is a good teacher,” said Kayla Navarro.