Is Hand Sanitizer Toxic?


“Word on the street has it that despite how clean your hands feel after using a hand sanitizer, they’re actually still dirty.” According to Bob Barnett of

“When it comes to safety and effectiveness, the main concern with hand sanitizers is triclosan, which is the main antibacterial ingredient in nonalcoholic hand sanitizers,” reported, medical  analyst Jennifer Shu from

Beth Sawicki from reported, “The truth is, sanitizers work if they are at least 60 percent alcohol. But ones without alcohol use triclosan, an antibacterial agent, which has not been shown to reduce infections or illness and may cause immune system problems in animals.”

“In the end, plain old soap and water still beats hand sanitizer. Wash for 24 seconds, the amount of time it takes to sing happy birthday twice, to get cold and flu viruses off your hands” said Beth Sawicki.

“The rumored news about hand sanitizer is might actually work in a reverse way lowering resistance to disease instead of heightening it, which is quite ironic” according to Dr. Britney Shering, medical examiner and  commentator for CNN.