Maddie and Monica: Personal Issues

Ask Maddie and Monica: Personal Issues


​“I am 12 years old and had a bad past. I have scars on my wrist. I am having my mom move away. It seems like I am always in trouble. I have temptations to hurt myself. I do not how to cope. The ideas my therapist suggested are not working either. Any ideas on how to cope? Please help

– 1Dlover13

PS. I do not see my therapist anymore and my family does not know about what I’m going through.


Dear 1Dlover13,

​It is hard to cope with such battles that come in to our lives. Some last longer than others. It’s hard to not let your emotions take over you. It’s hard to even just live. It’s hard to be around people but at the same time it’s hard being lonely. But there is one thing that is possible. You can stand up straight and smile. You are on the journey of life. It’s a long road. But you have to take it one step at a time to complete it. You will find hardships and happiness along the curves, twists, and turns. You will find what’s for you and what isn’t.

You will find your career, your love, your whole life. You find everything on this path. Giving up now will bring you down and you won’t complete this journey of life. Take it one small step at a time. And as they say, “God gives the hardest battles to his toughest soldiers.”

And we do encourage you to get professional help because they will help you more than anyone else. And we also suggest that you discuss it with your parents. Parents and a therapist may help you cope with all this. Hope you get better soon.


​-Maddie and Monica