IPhone 5s: Fingerprint Hacking ?


“As we have said now… for years, fingerprints should not be used to secure anything.  You leave them everywhere, and it is far too easy to make fingerprints out of lifted prints,” stated a hacker on the Chaos Computer Club’s site, who goes by the nickname Star Bug.  In less than 48 hours of its release, the iPhone 5s fingerprint scanner has been claimed to have been hacked by a group of Germans known as Germany’s Chaos Computer Club.

By photographing a fingerprint left on a glass surface, laser- printing it with extra toner onto a transparent piece of plastic, and then smearing it with latex milk or wood glue and placing on the sensor is enough to unlock the phone, according to their website.  They showed evidence of this on a YouTube video posted on Sunday, it showed footage of them putting a transparent piece of plastic on the sensor and unlocking the phone without using the finger they assigned to the sensor.

The group claims that there were not any other profiles on the iPhone while filming the video and that there was no possible way to actually retrieve the fingerprint because it was securely stored in the A7 chip inside the phone. The hacker in the video “Star Bug” and the CCC were awarded a total of $16,000 at one point from a cash bounty for being the first group to successfully hack the Touch ID System according to their website.

“The CCC had already published all the items you would need to hack a fingerprint scanner 10 years ago,” said Dirk Engling, a spokesperson for the CCC and also explained that “Really, the hardest part was to get our hands on an iPhone 5s because it was sold out,” to ABC news.

“We hope this finally puts to rest the illusions people have about fingerprint biometrics. It is plain stupid to use something that you can’t change that you leave everywhere everyday as a security token,” said Frank Rieger, a Spokesman for the Computer Chaos Club, in a post online.

Robert Gram a co-creator of the website istouchidhackedyet.com recognizes the CCC to be the first to hack Touch ID and wasn’t surprised at all and said “The only thing that’s different is that Apple increased the resolution of the fingerprint scanner.”


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