Ms. Carpenter Selects Athan Alota as STEM Student of the Week

Ms. Carpenter Selects Athan Alota as STEM Student of the Week

Bernardo Yorba Middle School seventh grader Athan Alota was chosen as student of the week for Ms. Carpenter’s STEM class. 


STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Ms. Carpenter, the STEM teacher at BYMS, stated, “Athan always works hard on all his projects and stepped up to help with the 6th-grade visit.” In addition, during the 6th grade showcase, he helped share what STEM science is about. 


After initially receiving student of the week, Athan stated, “I felt happy and proud of myself for working hard and getting recognized.” Additionally, he said, “The most challenging activities in class are probably the posters/presentation. We have them very often – it is still so nerve-wracking”


In an interview with the Matador Messenger Athan mentioned how he enjoys the different activities, and his favorite project was when they made the roller coaster.  Outside of school Athan enjoys shopping, eating, and sewing. 


Ms. Carpenter stated, “Athan is always attentive, prepared, and works hard independently and in groups.” Athan steps up to help Ms. Carpenter and is striving towards success.