PYLUSD Cross Country Meet

PYLUSD Cross Country Meet

BYMS cross country runners earned top honours at the first PYLUSD middle school cross country meet held on November 5 at 2:00 PM at Yorba Linda Middle School. Of the 35 BYMS runners, BYMS, 18 placed in the top 15 of their division. 

Seventh Grade Girls:  

(Team placed first with best combined times)                  

  • 1st  Isabella Wrobleski
  • 4th Sophia Vento
  • 5th Lesly Ledesma
  • 9th Holly Cabral
  • 13th Allison Jochum
  • 15th Lexie Catalano

Seventh Grade Boys

  • 2nd Allan Chacon
  • 11th Chance Smith
  • 15th Daniel Rodriguez

Eighth Grade Girls

  • 3rd Avery Kozicki
  • 9th Kennedy Dobrea 
  • 11th Cynthia Lan

Eighth Grade Boys 

(Team placed first with best combined times)       

  • 2nd Brady Pastian
  • 3rd Leonel Tinoco
  • 4th Ethan Christensen
  • 5th Toren Habbestad
  • 11th Jonah Greenspan
  • 13th Vincent Garza

Mrs. Torres, who coached the teams along with Mrs. Sohn, stated that the runners performed “amazingly” and she is “proud of every single one of them.”  Coach Torres additionally stated that the most challenging part of the event was ”getting athletes to join.”

In an interview with the Matador Messenger, Mrs. Sohn stated, “ I was extremely pleased, but not surprised, with how well our BYMS runners performed against the other schools.” She said,  “when students hear they have to run about two miles they quickly say no.” Another challenge for her runners was running uphill, in which even her experienced runners were having trouble. 

Some of the training methods that the runners used to condition the runners included dynamic stretches and runs, along with elevation climbs. During the race, the runners were encouraged to stay hydrated and to stay off their feet during race day. 

Mrs. Sohn states “Running is important in my life because it allows me to dedicate time to myself apart from my duties as a mom, teacher, and wife. It gives me time to process and unwind from the stresses of daily life and the physical health benefits are always a plus.

The seventh-grade runners included Lexie Catalano, Allison Jochum, Holly Cabral, Lesly Ledesma, Sophia Vento, and Isabella Wrobleski who all got within the top fifteen. Isabella Wrobleski, who won first in the seventh-grade girls’ race, stated “there was really no challenge when preparing for the event.” When she heard the placements of the BYMS seventh grade girls she was really excited for the team. Overall, the event was very successful for the runners of the seventh-grade girls’ team.

The next category of the cross country meet was seventh-grade boys. The top fifteen BYMS boys included Daniel Rodrigues, Chance Smith, and led by Allan Chacon who placed second in the seventh-grade boys. Allan expresses that the hardest part of preparing was having to run long trials uphill. He plans on also running for cross country in high school to improve on his running.

The eighth-grade girls ended with three runners in the top fifteen. These runners include Cynthia Lan, Kennedy Dobrea, and Avery Kozicki. When asked what her reaction was when she found out what she placed, Avery Kozicki states. “ I was so tired and dehydrated, that when everyone told me my place, I just smiled but when we got our medal, I was blown away at what I had placed.” 

The final category was eighth-grade boys where Vincent Garza, Jonah Greenspan, Toren Habbestad, Ethan Christrensen, Leonel Tinoco, and Brady Pastian placed the highest for eighth grade BYMS runners. Brady Pastian explained that “the hardest part of preparing for the meet was being mentally prepared.” After the race, he was very happy to find himself announced as second place in eighth-grade boys. 

When the runners finished, Mrs Sohn gave runners who were given medals chocolate. The newspaper staff and all of BYMS would like to congratulate our BYMS cross country students for completing the cross country meet.