Independent PE Student Kamryn Crowder Manages School and an Elite Sport


Photograph Courtesy of Kamryn Crowder

Kam preforming one of her routines in a competition

“I want to be able to have a successful future in dance and academics,” 8th grader Kamryn (Kam as her friends call her) Crowder stated in an interview with the Matador Messenger. Kamryn is an Independent Study PE student that competes for DSAPA Dance Studio.

Kam has been in dance since she was seven years old and first began at a studio in Chino Hills but when she moved to Yorba Linda, she started at DSAPA where she currently practices 12 hours a week. Kam is always striving to do her best in both dance and academics in which she wants successful futures in. “I accomplish it by managing my time well and making sure I get my work turned in on time.”

Kam is on the second to hugest team and got second place at her most recent competition. “We always place well in the overalls and spend many hours practicing together.” She noted that some of the most challenging aspects of being an Independent PE Student are the time management and the difficulties to communicate with teachers after school. She always makes sure to turn in her assignments on time and emails her teacher for the clarification needed.

Some of my biggest role models in dance are my teammates and my coach. They help me strive to work harder and put in more effort. My coach is an important role model because she spends a lot of time working on our choreography and making sure we are ready to compete.”

Kam first started dancing because it was an extracurricular activity to pass the time but it is something that she loves to compete in. “I continue to compete because dance is very important to me and it has become one of my daily routines. I love to dance and be with my team,” Kam stated.

Kam encourages others to try out the sport and says that it’s important to take as many classes as possible at first to find out what style is right for you. “I would also say find a good studio that meets your needs.”

Kam will be trying out for the dance team at Esperanza High School next year and will continue her successful career as a competitive dancer.