Touch N Go Soccer Academy: A Facility That Can Meet Every Soccer Player’s Needs


“Touch N Go Soccer is unique because we have so many players from different teams and clubs… Every student is important to us and we try to make a connection with them all,” soccer trainer Candice Silva stated in an interview with the Matador Messenger about The Touch N Go Soccer Academy in Tustin, California which is now expanding its program and facility for the second time. 

 Touch N Go is nearly tripling in size, from 70,000 to over 20,000 square, adding a second turf field, a futsal (street soccer) court, a bigger gym with more equipment, a larger study room for their academy students, and cryotherapy. 

“TG Cryo” is a full-body cryotherapy chamber. This chamber is used for sports rehabilitation and muscle recovery. “Our staff is looking forward to using the cryotherapy and gym as soon as it’s up and running!” explained Silva. 

The facility offers different membership plans, including the following:

  • Green level- $28 per session
  • Grey level- monthly fee of $160 for a total of 8 training sessions per month
  • Black level- monthly fee of $190 with unlimited training sessions, access to the recovery room, and access to the study room

Drop Ins:

  • $10 access to the study room (temporarily closed)
  • $20 access to the full recovery room

Pick Up Games

  • $15

Starting in  2020-2021 school year, Touch N Go has coordinated with OUSD’s Santiago Charter School Orange, to create  academy program, with students attending Santiago until noon. shuttling by van to the soccer facility for training until 3 pm, after which they continue their academic studies at the facility until parent pick up.

Students outside of OUSD can use dual enrollment and attend their school or homeschool in order to partake in this academy.

Their goal is to allow soccer players to “train to be confident and play to be free.”  States Candice Silva, a trainer at Touch N Go states, “We have a great community within our facility of encouragement, competition, and hard work. Every student is important to us and we try to make a connection with them all.” Touch N Go staff focuses on pushing and maximizing their student’s skill level to the best of their abilities.  

Rylie Whittaker, an eighth-grade student at Bernardo Yorba Middle School, used dual enrollment between BYMS and Park View in order to be a part of the Touch N Go Soccer Academy. She attends BYMS for two periods and then goes to Touch N Go for training. “I am very happy that the school and district allowed me to be able to attend BYMS with my friends, and Park View,” states Rylie. Touch N Go is now offering a High school Program for the first time during the 2021-2022 school year, along with the Middle School Program.

“Covid has been tough on everyone, and it’s been heartbreaking to see players’ mental health deteriorate after being in isolation for so long,” Candice says. After re-opening, the staff at Touch N Go made it “…imperative to make sure we do our utmost to ensure a safe place for all.” As the facility reopened in early June of 2020, all Covid protocols and attention to details have taken place. This includes extra cleaning, masks until training, temperature checks, social distancing, occupation limited to only players and staff, and no spectating from inside the facility. As Covid has affected kids’ mental health, players at Touch N Go are seen as whole people and not just players. “Rebuilding their confidence has been a huge focus.”

Working closely with Josh Whittaker, Touch N Go has begun its new expansion. From one unit to three, Touch N Go is tripling in size however, they are staying in the same location. “There is just so much to be excited about!” Candice says. Their facility will now be over 20,000 square feet and allow for a second turf field, a futsal (street soccer) court, a larger gym with more equipment, a larger study room for their academy students, and cryotherapy.

“Additionally, our amenities make our facility stand out,” stated Candice. The Touch N Go staff is excited about their new expansion and looks forward to their new opportunities to come.