Water Polo Treads Carefully During COVID-19

How water polo has to adapt to the pandemic


Photo Courtesy of Angelo Messina

The East water polo team continues to train for the competition despite COVID-19 prohibitions against ball handling and 16 new rules. Ashley Haney of the East water polo team speaks out about the specifics.  

Normally we would be well into the Men’s water polo season at this point, but with the schedule changes due to COVID we won’t be able to start any games on the men’s or women’s side until January,” Haney states when asked how the season has been going.

Instead of playing games, the teams have been working hard, practicing and preparing for when they return as much as they can with their new system. Apparently, they can’t even use the water polo balls yet! This means that they would have to do something like organized workouts or socially distanced swim.

They added 16 new rules to the game for when they start games again. They will make it so that they can play while still following the COVID-19 safety guidelines. The problem is, they can’t hold scrimmages to practice the game with these new rules. This means that once they go back in January, playing the game with these new rules will be extremely difficult. 

Ashley ended the interview with, “I am really proud of our team and staff in making sure we stay the course, and abide by all of the rules and regulations listed by our school district for us to return to practice.  We know that our athletes can’t wait to come back to competition, but we need to follow the procedures in order to continue practicing, and eventually we will be able to play again.”