UEFA Champions; Round of 16 Leg One



The Champions League round of 16 kicked off 2/13 in Turin. The end result of this was Juventus and Tottenham drew 2-2.

The UEFA Champions league is made up of 32 teams from the top 12 countries, depending on which place they earned their league. The teams change yearly, unless they get first or second place in their leagues, according to goal.com.

It also has rounds. After the round of 16, round of 8, and round of 4, it cuts down to two teams for the finals, stated bbc.com. This year, the finals will be held in the NSBC Olimpiyskiy Stadium In Kiev, Ukraine on May 6, 2018, according to bbc.com.

The other game held 2/14 was a 4-0 ending score between Manchester City and F.C. Basel. The following day Real Madrid won against Paris Saint Germain three to one and Liverpool won five zero against Porto, according to bleacherreport.com

Bayern beat Besiktas 5-0 and later that day Barcelona and Chelsea tied 1-1 Tuesday the 20th of February. Furthermore, Sevilla and Manchester United tied in a scoreless draw, while Roma lost to Shakhtar Donetsk 2-1. Leg two will be held 3/7/18, with all days having two games,3/8/18, 3/13/18 and 3/14/18, according to goal.com.