Four New Events Make Their Debut at the Winter Olympics in South Korea


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Alpine team skiing , big air snowboarding, mixed doubles curling, and mass start speed skating are four of the new events debuting at the 23d Winter Olympics being held in Pyeongchang, South Korea from February 9th to February 28th.

To make room for big air snowboarding the snowboard parallel slalom event was dropped from this year’s Olympics, according to

“The IOC said decisions on which new events to accept for 2018 were based on a number of factors, including youth appeal, TV and media interest, gender equality and “infrastructure and operational cost and complexity.” according to

“A panel of six judges decide the awards in the discipline, judging riders based on the D-E-A-L criteria: difficulty, execution, amplitude, and landing,” according to

Alpine team skiing is an event with six person, male and female teams. Two people from each team race down the slope against two competitors from the other team with a combined team score according to

Mixed doubles curling is another team event; however this event consists of only two players on each team one woman and one man. The scoring for mixed doubles curling is the same as regular curling. The main difference between regular curling is that  instead of ten ends of play in traditional curling there are eight according to

In big air snowboarding the snowboarders travel down a slope at exceptionally fast speed. Then the snowboarders hit a ramp and fly into the air. While in air, the snowboarders do flips and tricks according to

Mass start speed skating is an event in which up to 24 skaters race around a track doing sixteen laps. “The medalists are determined by the top three finishers, while the rest of the standings are decided based on sprint points,” according to

The Winter Olympics are not the only olympics debuting new events, the Summer Olympics in Tokyo 2020, will debut sport climbing, baseball/softball, karate, surfing, and skateboarding according to