The Top 5 NBA Teams That Can Sign Lebron James


Photo Courtesy Of SLAM Magazine

Lebron James, 3-time NBA champion, 3-time finals MVP, 4-time MVP, and considered to be one of the best players of all time, is going into free agency in the summer of 2018. Recently, Lebron James has said that he does not want to re-sign with his current team the Cleveland Cavaliers, according to These are the top five NBA teams that could sign Lebron James in free agency.

Philadelphia 76ers

The 76ers have no players signed to a max contract so they have plenty of money to sign Lebron even if it’s not a max contract. 76ers also have a young duo which have already competed in the Eastern conference. If you throw Lebron in the mix you have a dominant veteran who scores a lot with a young duo that are pass first players, according to

Cleveland Cavaliers

Even though the chances of Lebron resigning with Cleveland are slim they are still possible. As we’ve seen in the past Cleveland is more than capable of building a championship caliber team around Lebron. Since Lebron is considering leaving Cleveland, Cleveland needs to target trades before the deadline to make sure that Lebron stays in Cleveland, according to

Houston Rockets

Last offseason Houston tried to go after two key players in the offseason, former Clippers point guard Chris Paul and Lebron James. Houston acquired Paul, but could not make a deal with Cleveland for Lebron. Houston is probably the best team to deal with star players. They have young talent in Zhou Qi, Troy Williams, and RJ Hunter mixed with veteran in Nene’,  Gerald Green, and Trevor Ariza to attempt to trade for stars like Carmelo Anthony and Dwyane Wade. Since Houston has been targeting all stars lately, it is extremely possible that Lebron  to sign with Houston, according to

Golden State Warriors

Lebron’s manager recently said that if Golden State has a free agency pitch for Lebron then he will definitely consider Golden State. If Golden State can acquire an allstar like Kevin Durant then targeting Lebron could go the same way as Durant. The only problem for Golden State is how Lebron and Durant are  going to coexiste on the court as being two of the best ball dominant players in the NBA, according to

Los Angeles Lakers

Los Angeles has enough cap space in there roster to sign three max contract players. With strong guards in Lonzo Ball and Kyle Kuzma mixed with a strong forward in Brandon Ingram could make a deadly offense against teams like Golden State, San Antonio, and Houston. On top of all this, Lonzo Ball is a pass first player who is averaging 7.5 assists and will mostly pass to a ball dominant player like Lebron James who knows how to create space and shoot, according to