Jason Parkinson Wins Grand Final of the European FootGolf Championship


Jason Parkinson is the winner of the three day long Grand Final of the European FootGolf Championship (EFT) held at the  at the Castro Marim Golfe and Country Club in Portugal on November 9, according to http://www.dalafm.co.ke.

Jason Parkinson (UK) was the best on Friday (score 0-11) and kept his leading position on Saturday also and has been waited the final day with a 5-kick lead. He was unbeatable on Sunday as well, winning the Grand Final with a score -39 on 54 holes, reported http://europeanfootgolftour.com

The European Tour combined 10 tournaments and included 650 players from 29 countries. Parkinson finished with 174 kicks total, coming in 39 shots below par. He took home $2,330 and a trophy. The remaining $5,800 was split among the other players,” reported businessinsider.com

Parkinson said, “To win any tournament feels amazing, but to win the EFT final feels even more special. It is special,” according to http://www.dalafm.co.ke.

Parkinson’s points in European player rankings increased by 300 after his wins in the tournament, reported http://www.dalafm.co.ke.

The first ever European Grand Final, ‘The Algarvian’ and organised by The Capital Cup, attracted 111 players from 16 countries, evidence of FootGolf’s continued dramatic expansion as a sport, reported http://www.dalafm.co.ke.

Michael Jansen and  Bas Korsten invented Footgolf for a way to unwind after soccer practice. November 2011 The American Footgolf League was founded, stated www.stack.com