Carson Wentz Tears ACL


photo courtesy of aol

Carson Wentz tore his ACL in a goal line dive against the Los Angeles Rams and he was hit by linebacker of Los Angeles Rams Mark Barron.

Carson Wentz was leading the league in touchdown passes in the league with a total of 33. He was tenth best in the league with a total of 3,296 yards passing and he only threw 7 interceptions through 13 games, according to

When the ACL tears, it doesn’t heal on its own. You have to repair or rebuild the injured ACL using different techniques, according to

Luckily for Wentz, he could return sooner than expected. “Wentz was hit with his leg full straight, fully extended, and not flexed,” Doctor Klapper said. “Because his knee was not bent, the MCL and LCL are straight. If you are hit when your knee is flexed, you can see there’s more redundancy, it becomes sloppy. When Wentz was injured his knee was fully extended. These ligaments were taut. That’s why he was able to play four more plays. Less injury occurred to the knee. That’s why he should be able to come back quicker than usual,” according to