Houston Astros Win World Series For The First Time Ever


Photo Courtesy Of reviewjournal.com

The World Series has been on going on longer than the NBA finals and Super Bowl combined, according to wikipedia.com.  Many legends of baseball have won the World Series. For example, Babe Ruth, Jackie Robinson, and Fernando Valenzuela. The most prestigious sports title in the United States is still awaiting to crown more champions which will eventually turn them into legends among the greats.

In the ALCS, the Astros had trouble against the Yankees, but they still prevailed in a 4-3 series win. The last game score 4-0. Houston was heading to the World series, but they were being waited for. Los Angeles Dodgers annihilated Chicago Cubs with a 4-1 series win. The last game ended 11-1.

With the World Series set, Dodgers had the advantage of winning the World Series. In game one, The final score was 3-1, with Los Angeles winning. Houston retaliated, and took home game 2 with a final score of 7-6. Houston broke the series tie with a 5-3 win. In game 4, Los Angeles tied the the series again with a 6-2 win. In game 5, Houston defeated Los Angeles with a final score of 13-12.

This was crucial to Los Angeles to win, or go home. With a series of 3-2, Houston just needed to win game 6, and the Astros would win their first world series. Game 6 was ended with Los Angeles winning 3-1.

In game 7, both teams were going for the win. Unfortunately, Los Angeles would have to wait for another year. Houston won game 7 with the final score of 5-1.

The Houston Astros won their first world series in franchise history, and the Astros came home champions.