Student Profile: Martin Mazev Hits the Tennis Courts and Rises in the Ranks

Mazev is ranked 32 in California as a U14 players.


Photo Courtesy Of Mrs. Mazev

Martin is pictured here with one of his coaches, Coach Robert. Martin is holding a trophy that he had won from the California Tennis Competition (CTC). CTC has the highest level of tennis competition in a tournament in Southern California.

After hitting the books for school, BYMS seventh grader, Martin Mazev is hitting the tennis courts as a 14 year old ranked 34th in the state of California in the 14 and under group, stated by tennisrecruiting.

At this age for tennis, they aren’t yet professionals, but are reaching toward being professionals. Highly ranked 14 year old’s and under, ranked on how many wins they have between each match. Martin is currently ranked as; National: 167, Southwest: 37, California 32, TennisRPI: 206, and Scheduled Strength: 254.

Mazev started playing when he was 5 years old.”I started Bulgaria when I saw some kids playing and thought how fun and competitive it looked,” stated by Martin Mazev in an interview with The Matador Messenger. Martin practices at Matchpoint Tennis Academy, in Santa Ana, California.

Martin stated he loved tennis so much because of “ how intense and competitive the game was. I also love that you make new friends and how you get to visit new places.”

Being a top ranked junior tennis player does not come without some challenges. “Some difficulties about tennis are how calm and patient you have. Also the mental and physical challenge the sport gives you”, he also stated.

According to Martin’s father, one of Martin’s many accomplishments includes reaching the top 20 ranking of Division 12 singles in SoCal. At the moment he’s top 40 of Division 14 singles with the goal to become a top ten player.

Martin’s father also added that his coaches admire his “determination, commitment, passion, and hard work.”