Coach Dietrich Sets Ambitious Goals for Brea Fire

Team has won two championships in three seasons


“We have won two championships in three seasons of basketball, and we have continued to learn with dedication and desire to be our best,” stated Chuck Dietrich, Brea Fire girls basketball coach, a 6th-8th grade team located in Brea, California.

The Brea Fire, formerly known as the Ladycats, was organized in 2014, and currently consists of one team with players ranging from grades sixth through eighth. The team presently competes in North County Basketball League against eight other Division 2 Gold teams.

Although he coaches a young team, Coach Dietrich set a number of ambitious goals for his players individually and his team as a whole.

“My main goal is to make sure every single girl that plays for me is better than when they started. And that not only applies for on-court performances, but also off the court. That includes being responsible and maturing while maintaining good grades as a positive attitude,” indicated Coach Dietrich on what his goals were for the season.

Aside from goals, Coach Dietrich has also began implementing new challenging drills for the girls.

“We have worked on a lot of new things this season. I always introduce new drills at practice to keep things fresh. This season I started implementing drills that girls do at high school level and even college level. I have also modified offensive mind sets. Instead of running a play in a half court set, sometimes we will go with the flow of the game, and try to create a more freeform offense,” answered Coach Dietrich on new material.

Even though players are on challenging team, Coach Dietrich still finds time to keep a positive attitude towards the girls. He expressed that his mantra was to be positive while being strict.

“I expect everyone to work as hard as they can–if they don’t, they will hear it! But I also like positivity, I never get on anyone for missing a basket, and I look for other things that parents and other players don’t see,” commented Coach Dietrich about his mantra.
Since the team consists of three grade levels, there is almost always room for anyone interested in playing basketball to come practice. Practices are conducted at the Brea Jr. High School, the Brea Boys and Girls Club, and the Brea Community Center. For more information, you can email Coach Dietrich at [email protected].