Lonzo Ball Becomes a Triple Threat



Lately, UCLA starting point guard, Lonzo Ball, has been nearly as busy off the court as he is on a court with the releases of two new songs and a signature shoe called The ZO2 prime.

Lonzo doesn’t only play basketball but he also raps. He released a remix of Drake’s “Free Smoke”, under the name ZO2, on Monday, May 8th. Then on the same day, he released another song called “Starve Mode” with his friend DC the Don. You can find both songs for free on Youtube and Soundcloud (Free Smoke Remix Strav Mode).

Ball released his first signature shoe, the ZO2 Prime, on May 4th. He did not release the shoe with Nike, Adidas, or Under Armour, but with his family’s brand, BigBallerBrand. Customers can pre-order the shoe, which will start shipping November 24th, 2017, at BigBallerBrand.com for $495, but for a size 14 or 15, it’s $695.

Customers can also pre-order the ZO2 Wet edition which includes a box lit up with LED lights and an autograph by Lonzo Ball. This version of the shoe sell for $995, but if you are a size 14 or 15 it is $1,195.

“A full bed of shock absorbent material keeps the shoe lightweight for high-speed performance. With a custom paint on the bottom, Microfiber python texture in Matte Black, and a Delorean finish” is how BigBallerBrand describes the ZO2 Prime.

NBA Hall of Famer Shaquille O’Neal had some things to say about. “Hey, @Lavarbigballer real big baller brands don’t over charge kids for shoes.” Shaq tweeted on May 4th. Shaq has his own brand shoe brand that sells for as low as $11.28 at Walmart.com.

Lonzo is also busy in court. He is averaging 14.6 points, 6.0 rebounds, and 7.6 assists per game according to several sports sites like ESPN, CBS Sports, and Fox Sports. He averages the most assists per game in the whole NCAA.

Lonzo is not the one that’s busy, his brothers Liangelo and Lamelo have also been busy. Very recently Lamelo Ball scored 92 points in one high school game (Ballislife.com). Liangelo is now a BallisLife All-American All-Star and is going to UCLA next year according to ESPN.com.