YLHS Women’s Water Polo Focuses on “Success in the Classroom, Pool, And Life”


Photo Courtesy of Jessica Kaer

“One of our freshmen was able to earn her way up to varsity throughout the year and became a huge asset to the varsity team,” stated Coach Jessica Kaer, Yorba Linda High School’s Head Women’s Water Polo Coach in an interview with the Matador Messenger.

“We also have a large group of juniors, this is their second year on the varsity team and they did very well this year and we cannot wait to see what they can give us next year in the pool,” added Kaer.

“We also had a number of girls take up the sport for the first time that are sophomores and juniors and they were challenged on the JV level and did extremely well. They even earned themselves awards from the coaches like Most Improved and MVP,” stated Coach Kaer.

Coach Kaer stated, “My philosophy as a coach is first to make sure that the girls on my team are well-rounded individuals that are making good choices. Although water polo is a great sport and it is my passion, the goal of a high school team is to challenge them in order to create a good work ethic and help them understand how to use their time successfully.”

“The second priority is to make them into good water polo players. I push my players during practice and I expect a lot from them. Even though it is a high school team, I want these girls to understand hard work and how they can be rewarded with winning games when they do work hard. At the end of the day, I will be a happy coach if I can help these girls to succeed in the classroom, in the pool, and in life,” stated Coach Kaer.

“The team at Yorba Linda High School is fairly new, as is the school, and we have had our ups and downs but, we are getting better and better each year. When I started coaching, the program only had 19 girls and we were in Division 6 of 7 Divisions within CIF (California Interscholastic Federation),” stated Coach Kaer.

Coach Kaer stated, ”We are now a team of 36 and we are currently playing in a league with Division 1 teams and competing in CIF at the Division 3 level. I have attempted to create a culture on this team where all of the girls are great teammates and work hard to be good at something that they love to do.”