YLHS Women’s Basketball Sets Goal to “Play Faster and Harder with Defense Pressure of 100%”


The YLHS Women’s basketball team with a loss of eight seniors and the addition of only five began its season with some challenges on and off the court. “It took us a while to get everyone on the same page but it started to come around at the end of the season,” stated Coach Ikemoto, in an interview with the Matador Messenger.

 “With so many newcomers to the varsity team (only two returners from the previous year), it was a challenge to get all the players adjusted to the faster, bigger, and better players that we compete with at the varsity level,” stated Coach Ikemoto.  “They did a good job learning and adjusting.”

Coach Ikemoto stated, “ They did a good job learning and adjusting despite having two returning players from the previous year.”

The basketball team set some goals for this season. Coach Ikemoto stated, “the team is setting a goal to play faster and harder pressure defense of 100%.”

Coach Ikemoto stated that she is a very competitive coach but not a “win at all costs coach.” For Coach Ikemoto, and her team, they have three priorities for the team:  effort, teamwork, and defense. Coach Ikemoto stated that “players must be committed to giving their 100% effort, to playing defense and to regard the teamwork first.”

“I am always looking to compete, but success isn’t measured in wins/losses but by the effort, attitude, accomplishments, and learning that come with competing.  Sometimes you win, and other times you don’t, but what’s important is how you learn and improve to keep competing at your maximum potential,” stated Coach Ikemoto.

Two girls on the team were awarded league honors because they were the most consistent contributors with defense, effort, and teamwork throughout the season.

Coach Ikemoto stated, “ I would like to mention that the senior Baylee Weston had her breakout game for the last game of the season, which was her last game of her career at YLHS and our biggest win of the season.” Baylee Weston had made 18 shots in that game and it made it a game changer.

YLHS is holding a summer camp if any girls are interested in playing, and should register for the summer sports camp, which starts the Monday after school gets out.